Are you looking for a Male Korean Voiceover?

I’ve been recording Korean voiceovers for several years. Ever since I started my career in post-production studio, doing voiceover jobs was my passion. I met a lot of big name in my workplace and they encouraged me to pursue this career.

Voiceover requires skills and training to induce, entertain, or influence people’s actions while continuing to keep them from losing interest through storytelling. As a professional voiceover artist, I’m still thrilled to be able to work as a member of this industry.

Are you looking for Just The Right Voice Talent?

Are you looking for Just The Right Voice Talent for your commercials, infomercials, IVR, narration, character VO or other voice talent project? Do you have to finish a voiceover project that needs to be completed ASAP? Would you like to work with a voice over talent who’s always professional, reliable and listens to what you need? Then just leave MJ a message right now!

Professionally trained, MJ has worked in this industry for many years. And he has established successful long-term relationships with many clients. Years of experience in a post production studio has made him an accomplished voiceover artist and audio technician.